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The Podcast

The Podcast

Thank you for visiting our podcast page. The Wade John Taylor Patriot Report is something entirely new for me. I hope to improve over time and deliver content that you find worth listening to. If you would like to let me know what you would like to hear please contact me.

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Season 4 Episode 10 Season Finale: Year Wrap Up

In this Season Finale I give an update as to where THE PAMPHLET is at and what you can expect in the year ahead. I also talk about my campaign for State Representative this year and my new direction with the Independent American Party and taking on the role leading the Party efforts in Washington. We wrap up this season at year end as we are looking at some new features in the podcast going forward. There is a poll at the end of this on the anchor.fm or spotify side of things that allows audience members to participate in

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Previous Episodes

S2 Episode 13 Shotgun Blasts of Cash Cannot Save the Economy

In this episode I cover the rapidly disintegrating economy and the inability of the government to do anything other than increase debt and throw fiat currency at the problem. I also get into a bit of history on why our founding fathers finally declared independence. Taxation without representation was only

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S2 Episode 9 Observations from the Political Front

In this episode I talk about what I learned after being invited to the annual Republican Party Lincoln Dinner. I also go over what seems to be a growing consensus in the United States and it is not what the mainstream media wants us to believe. There is hope in

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S2 Episode 8: Potential for Conflict on Multiple Fronts

In this episode I turn the attention from the liberty front at home to the international front. While economic shock-waves and a spiraling border crisis are keeping our feeble government busy, the truly ambitious players in the world are looking like they are preparing for conflict. With the worlds policeman

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The Library

The Library

Here you will find Digital Editions of our published editions. As there are subscribers & supporters that have early access, our current edition will be posted after a slight delay, usually after hard copies of THE PAMPHLET have been mailed out.

We will also have a section in our library devoted to historic texts where available that will help readers understand the full context of our editions. That will be coming after I can devote some time on how to build a website. Newsletters, special events, exclusive content, merchandise, and other things are available to Patreon Subscribers, and our supporters through other avenues.

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