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THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 1 Issue 6 ~ ‘Restraint’

THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 1 Issue 6 ~ ‘Restraint’

During the Revolutionary War our ancestors faced difficult times. The oppression from the English and the struggle to survive in Colonial America, helped to develop us into a hearty people. Rash decisions meant death in most cases, which I hear is quite uncomfortable for some people.

I would like to suggest, that survival now requires the same type of restraint that was required then. For all things there is a season and a time appointed. We present to you the latest edition of The Pamphlet. We think this latest issue will help enlighten you to a little known part of history, and apply it to your current situation.

Thank you to all of our supporters. We do this because we love our country. We do not receive compensation for what we do. Any donations that we receive go directly to the production of The Pamphlet. Any contributors donate their work. Ink, Paper, Gas, and postage are The Pamphlet’s largest expenses. Donations cover about half of our expenses.

I am a simple Disabled Veteran living on a small homestead in a rural area. My wife and I believe that everyone has it in them to do something to preserve liberty and freedom for our children and our grandchildren. We believe that this is the fight of our generation. This publication represents our effort to support the timeless struggle to exercise our unalienable rights.

Wade John Taylor & Elizabeth Jane Taylor

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