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One families frustration about our nations apathy led to the creation of a monthly publication about our true history and how it applies today.

Cowboy Taylor




Faith is supported by four essential conditions that support its existence. It is the largest of the five required pillars of a free society but cannot exist without the other four pillars that support it.


Free society cannot exist without a consistent system of morality with immovable standards of common respect, decency, right and wrong.


The most critical function of justice is that it is a minimalistic system of laws that ensure that the greatest amount of liberty is preserved.


Open access to uncensored historical fact is essential to obtain a clear view of truth. The duty of every patriot is to improve the capacity, ability, and wisdom to exercise their rights through personal pursuit of physical and mental education.


Inalienable rights cannot be respected nor kept without vigilant watch and swift action. The value and scale of eternal rights is revealed through experience as one stands against the timely progression of tyranny and oppression of government.



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We are an average everyday American family that decided to do something about the growing tyrannical behavior coming from various segments of society.  We believe that our history is a good teacher.  In September of 2020, we printed our inaugural edition of THE PAMPHLET.  Our monthly publication teaches about our lost history.  Wherever possible we use original or reputable period sources to glean a part of history that is not often commonly told.  We believe that by exciting the people to learn about their rights and their responsibilities as told through the lens of history, they will grow to understand the solutions that need to be applied today.

   We are active in building up a local thriving community that knows and respects our founding values and is willing to work to create positive solutions.  We encourage others to do the same.  You may have seen us at one of the various rallies or perhaps met us at our Independence Day BBQ in 2021.  Some of our articles were were nationally syndicated in Druthers,  and  you may see us in The Flame as well.   However you found us, we thank you for your support.  We are just average everyday people who decided to step up and try to make our country and our community a better place.  We believe if more people step up to their civic responsibility of oversight over their public servants in government we will have a better world.

   We have had a few challenges along the way.  Our paper costs have doubled, and we are experiencing printing supply shortages like everyone else.  Yet each month because of freedom loving patriots like you, we receive exactly what we need just in time to order supplies for another month.  We continue to distribute THE PAMPHLET to the world, in a high quality physical edition or through our Digital Edition.  We donate our time and resources to help this along, but we could not do it without a little help from our friends.  Your support helps keep our history alive. 

   This is a grass roots effort funded exclusively by supporters, donations, reprints, and the occasional merchandise sale.   We are honored to be able to continue to research a quality publication for you each month.  We are eternally grateful to everyone who continues to keep this publication alive through donations and by spreading the word about us.  Please consider one of the available options below to support our ongoing work.

    Our own store will be coming soon to provide you with an efficient secure way to support the work of THE PAMPHLET.



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