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The Pamphlets latest issue, “Resistance” Is out.

The Pamphlets latest issue, “Resistance” Is out.

Happy April Patriots!

Around 12 hours ago the digital edition of the latest edition was released to our Patreon subscribers. Today the printing of the hard copies happens and we will fold and staple them and process them some time tomorrow. For those that receive physical delivery, those will go out in the mail on Monday.

For those who are waiting for the free digital edition. That should post on this website early next week. That does not usually happen until the last physical copy has shipped.

Thanks for everyone’s patience this month. It is just my wife and I and a few volunteer writers that make this happen. My wife gave birth to another handsome son this last month and we have quite a bit going on at the homestead as well. We have new piglets, and rabbits and as the snow melted it revealed all the projects and planting that needs to happen. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and bring you history and context in a chaotic world in, The Pamphlet.

Wade John Taylor

Subscribers can access their digital copies here.

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