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THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 1 Issue 11 ~ ‘Pride’

THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 1 Issue 11 ~ ‘Pride’

My dear friends, neighbors, fellow human beings.  We stand upon such a precipice as to bring fear into the hearts of men.  Looking below at the scattered shipwrecks on the jagged rocks, we must ask ourselves if our dreams are just as fickle?

I have not known until this day why I have been called to sacrifice such time and treasure to teach our history and common sense to those who care to hear an old pig farmer talk.  Make no mistake about it that is all I am.  How humbled I am to have to privilege to serve you in this capacity (I will sell you a pig too if you need one).  I hope and try to get it right.  My wife and I are just simple people like you.  I would rather be with my children and grandchildren with not a care in the world.  But that is not the time in which we live.

In looking back through what we have published today, I have learned that the central topic and point of each issue are things that I need to fix in my life just as much as anyone else.  Working on these things and giving blindly to the community at large of hours and finance is not only an honor but increasingly a potential need of survival.  We must maintain order and civility in our communities if we are to survive the difficult times ahead.  Our Founding Fathers figured it out and they were thirteen colonies that did not get along as much as we all would like to think.

This latest issue reminded me of myself before I had a stroke, lost it all, and had to turn to a homeless program.  That is not an aww poor me thing.  I was a prideful conceited idiot for a time. I was too smart and too educated for my own good. Having to learn how to live again was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.  The best part about hitting rock bottom is that that there is no place to go but up.

How foolish I was to live in that corrupt monstrous government of oppression.  How blind I was to believe that people needed to be managed and they don’t know better.  I just wanted to help. And when I became ill the system of took care of me to the point that I had no worth. Yes, even I was part of that evil machine.  I was a different person then.  We can all leave that part of us behind one way or another.  I am just an imperfect man same as everyone else. We moved here to try to convert to a self sufficient life as much as possible. But I recognized that I needed to give back to this community in some way. Just my way of saying thanks for accepting an old veteran and his family into your beloved valley five years ago now.

My wife and I started this to make a difference in our small-town community of Republic Washington.  Since then, we have had visitors here from across the world.  People love freedom!

I have met so many of you throughout this year and I have to say to you all.  You are not alone.  We are not alone.  We present to you the latest issue of The Pamphlet

Thank you, God Bless you

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