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Using caution when working with people of Pride and Ambition.

Using caution when working with people of Pride and Ambition.

   I thought I might speak about something today that is very relevant in the lives of those of us who are trying to preserve liberty and freedom for our descendants.  Far too often we run into those who’s personal ambition gets in the way of the selfless acts of others.  As a result, there are setbacks that are inflicted upon the community.  The sad aspect to this is that those people who are blinded by their ambition, often do not see the collateral damage they cause when the act as a wild bull in a China cabinet.  In fact, they often blindly keep assuming that they are doing a good thing, simply because the cause is good.  Yet if their actions cause more harm than good in the community, they have accomplished nothing other than inflate their own ego.

   When working to do good in your community you will run across these Alexander Hamiltons of our day.  Their pride and ambition can indeed be harnessed for the good of others, yet ultimately, they will likely never live up to their full potential because of their own narrow vision.  It takes a team of committed individuals to work together to maintain an airplane.  If any one person starts working out of unison of the other mechanics, then the risk of catastrophic failures increases every time a routine flight happens.  Unfortunately, this also often means that when the plane is needed to do some heavy lifting during an emergency, it is sitting in a hangar somewhere with its engines on the ground and no air in the tires.

   There will always be opposition to the good will that we spread.  My old self would actively engage with those who are ignorant of their surroundings, but I have discovered that my words cannot make the blind see.  Only their own faith and redemption can fix that.  Instead, I am attempting to take the position of those far wiser than me.  Most things have a way of working themselves out, save your energy and efforts for those that don’t, then fight like hell.  While I like the spirit of that I think I will personalize that philosophy a bit.  The Lord will take care of most minor battles in the world so long as I am vehemently fighting the war the way he wants me to.

   It is not easy to stand up for what you believe in.  You have others who try to obscure your efforts due to their own blind ambition.  But if you keep doing what you feel compelled to do, those likeminded people will truly rise to the top and know that an ounce of thoughtful prevention is worth a ton of reckless indignation towards others.  Those that do not understand this and those who are attracted to their kind will sink under their own weight in the depths of selfishness.  We still must throw them a life preserver if they ask, such is the right thing to do.  Yet we cannot and must not row a boat out to carry them back to shore.  Such actions only succeed in sinking a perfectly good boat under the weight of an individual’s selfishness.

   My friends, it is not all easy times when standing up for others.  You will certainly meet others who stand for themselves.  You will meet others who feel threatened by your sincerity, and they will seek to exclude you as they feel threatened by you.  Fortunately, this will help you to understand how we got to the situation that we are in now and inform you as to the types of people that you need to avoid if you are looking for people to rely on.  Yes, you do have to weed through the mooches and pretenders.  But it is better to take the time to do that now, so that you will know who you can truly rely on when that time comes.

   Our Founding Fathers dealt with the same degree of doublespeak and backstabbing that we deal with today.  We believe that by studying the problems and solutions of our Founding Fathers we can effectively deal with the challenges of today.  The journals, letters, and papers of the day speak volumes to the all too familiar tone of betrayal by the ambitious pawns of society as well as the frustrations of ignorant or slothful people.  The time is running short to group up in local likeminded groups that focus on self-preservation.  The challenges we just mentioned are shared amongst those groups and we felt it worth mentioning that it is entirely normal to be working with people that lack foresight and vision to accept their awful situation in the world right now.  They may claim to share your concerns, but really their ambition only seeks to use that concern to further their own ambition or goals.  It is important to be aware of these people so that they do not sabotage your efforts out of their ignorance.

We hope you are enjoying all of the precious moments this Christmas season and not let the ambitions of man, or woman for that matter, get in your way of experiencing joy with your family. My prayers are always with you.

Stay strong Patriots,

Wade John Taylor

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