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Season 4 Episode 4: Forward Into the Past

Season 4 Episode 4: Forward Into the Past

It is a fantastic time to be alive. We are on the cusp of the greatest revival in liberty since 1775. 1775 is when farmers, merchants, and humble citizens finally stood up for the first time as the British Infantry came against them. By then the people had already had a dozen revivals. This revival is one of global freedom. This Liberty Revival is a spontaneous grassroots movement. People across the world are associating together in small and large groups and are standing for their Natural Rights. These are common everyday people who are selfless and are so frustrated they are ready to get off their buts and do something.

But Government has revealed their true colors. Governments are now nationalizing their socialistic authoritarian power, seizing absolute power, and rounding up peaceful citizens that are ideologically branded as enemies of the state. Similar government actions in the twentieth century in Germany and Italy led to the Second World War, and it is looking like we are headed for a third global war that is looking like a total rebellion of people against the tyrannical system that is

This is truly a fantastic time to be alive!

Wade John Taylor

The Pamphlet

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