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THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 2 Issue 7 ~ ‘Consequences’

THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 2 Issue 7 ~ ‘Consequences’

For every action there is a reaction, we have all experienced it, even though sometimes we are not smart enough to learn from those experiences.  We would not be who we are if we were not still experiencing those consequences of the past.  On the same note, what we do or do not do will have far reaching consequences for future generations.  As always, we try to find little known bits of history that had big implications in their era.  This month, THE PAMPHLET is no different.  We delve into the story of Lucy Higgs Nichols a slave who took her destiny into her own hands and cover the contribution of Emma Lazarus to the foundation of Lady Liberty.  The backstory of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and his original design for the Statue of Liberty is a nice touch in Emma’s story as well.

Elbridge Garry is our Spotlight Founding Father this month in the Resolute Dissent article.  After that we tell an extraordinary tale of Elizabeth Zane and her mad dash through enemy fire.  Our feature article this month is about the Mersereau family contribution to the entire Revolutionary War.  There vast sacrifice after New York fell to the British in 1776 could not be completely told in a simple pamphlet and I encourage others who are interested in the families exploits to see how much they laid on the alter of sacrifice for the mantle of liberty.  We consider the consequences of that single family.

Natural Law and unalienable rights were concepts that were self-evident among our Founding Fathers.  We believe that theme comes through strong in this issue and we bring you some amazing quotes from our Founding Fathers in Thoughts from our Fathers.  We get into some of the fantastic Naval Battles of the war in April 1778 and deliver to you a nice selection from Mercy Otis Warren in our Patriot Reflection section.  In From the Editor, I unload on some of the reckless warmongering of government.  In Patriot Resilience I discuss the importance of basic hand tools and how to use them and we bring you some authentic colonial receipts or recipes in American Cookery.

Our latest issue of the pamphlet dives into the actions and reactions during the revolutionary war.  We also contrast that with the ongoing collapse of society and give some commonsense solutions for today.  Thank you for continuing to support this great work of bringing history back to life.  We firmly believe that the solutions for today can be found in the past.  If you enjoy THE PAMPHLET please consider supporting us by subscribing

Your long wait is over!  We present to you Consequences.

Wade John Taylor

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