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Our Next Issue

Our Next Issue

Hello everyone, I pray you all are having a peaceful day. I just thought I would take a moment to let you know where we are on our next issue. While our inaugural issue was formatted in a way to pay homage to an original pamphlet from 1776 titled “Common Sense”, Vol. 1 Issue 1 will be settling into what we hope to be regular formats that are more concise and easy to read. We are introducing some new column’s. We will have an initial focus on the crucial role of women in the liberty movement as well as a new section “This Month in History”.

We will still have some special in depth issues like our inaugural one from time to time but as the whole thing is coming out of our own pockets we will not be able to bear the expense or time of the in depth thicker productions. We do still have a farm to manage and it is still deep in harvest and animal processing season for us. But that is too much information for this website.

Speaking of the website we are looking at putting up a section for farming, livestock management, food storage, production, and other self sufficiency topics in a new section. It is just a thought right now and not sure it would fit in to the scope of this website. In either event we are quite busy on the liberty front, and we are excited for what we are preparing thus far.


Wade John Taylor

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