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Welcome Finland

Welcome Finland
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A little bit of fun news….. We have gained another country. We are up to 60 countries around the world. Welcome Finland!

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It’s Pamphlet Day!

That’s right, our December Digital Edition of The Pamphlet dropped late yesterday on Patreon for those fantastic patriots that support us that way.  Today our printer is whirling away and later we will be assembling, folding, and stapling the issues.  

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I am working like crazy trying to pull together our next issue. The Pamphlet “Hope” will be printing on December 1st. I know you are as excited to read it as I am to put it out. Countless hours have

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Merry Christmas from The Pamphlet

We have had quite a year. Broke back Brandon has been playing in the theaters for almost a year and nobody can tell what this movie is all about, but we can all agree that the director is out to

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