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Rally Cry, The next edition of The Pamphlet

Rally Cry, The next edition of The Pamphlet

Howdy Patriots!

We are so grateful for your continued support! It is just about that time again; can you feel the excitement? No, I am not talking about The Election I am talking about the next issue of The Pamphlet! Here is an update on the next edition of free speech.

First: Tomorrow the Newsletter goes out to all Patreon Patriots. Keep in mind that anyone who joins us on Patreon has access to exclusive content and early access to everything that we do. When you join you also have access to exclusive content produced in the past.

Next: The Digital Edition drops on Patreon right around Midnight Pacific time. You will be the first to get it if you are a Patreon Subscriber! Then the copies will be going out around town. First on bulletin boards and then later in the week at local businesses. When you see the publication at local establishments make sure you thank the businesses for their support. Later in the week we will also upload an addition on the website. The usual wait time for viewers on the Website is about 6 days. Due to the Election I may bump that up for a November 2nd release for this special occasion.

Finally: I would like to thank everyone who donated and supported The Pamphlet this month. We were barely able to afford the paper and ink for the run this month, and every single donation made a huge difference. Thank you so very much! Without you this would not be possible.

Thanks so much!

Wade John Taylor


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