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The Great Sifting

The Great Sifting

The votes have been cast. To the corruption that has dominated the narrative for so long, it does not matter who the real victors were. Yet there is a great sifting that has started that will cause the withering of those who have held the chains of so many.

Hundreds of thousands are leaving the social media giants that have presented themselves as kings along with the legacy media that have betrayed the country that birthed them. Gab, Parler, MeWe, and MyLiberty Page are but a few of the freedom of speech platforms that are overwhelmed by the new members flocking to them in unprecedented numbers. The departure of so many former users will be a death blow to the fragile behemoths. They will wither and go the way of many before them like Friendster, Myspace, and Second Life.

There are no greater traitors than the legacy media giants that once dominated the airwaves fighting among themselves for ratings, over first broadcast, and then cable television. But just as millions are cutting the cord and casting the satellite dish into the fire, they are also tuning out and turning off the plastic faces of the liars, even as they continue to spit propaganda out to the gullible. They have betrayed the trust of the people far too many times now. No well informed and intelligent people will ever trust them again. They are ‘Dead men walking’ as they say. Nothing more than zombies.

It is truly sad that many are only now awakening after such a great loss. There are a great many branches of the liberty tree that have been stripped of their bark and they will surely die. Only time will tell if enough Patriots have risen in time to save our tree. But rest assured that if this Liberty tree dies, the saplings of freedom are planted throughout the land. Liberty is more than a fleeting idea, it is an unalienable truth. Forever enshrined upon the souls of all that are born. It can never be suppressed forever and it will always overcome tyranny no mater how diabolic.

We are thankful to have you along with us on this journey. I was out delivering Pamphlets to the far reaches of the county today and met a fan of the publication. He had been waiting there all day for us. He had heard that the new publication was making it’s way around and he needed to pick up a copy to take to his wife in Oregon. There was a snowstorm in the pass that we had to navigate to get there and one that surely he had to navigate to get to the place where he anxiously waited for it. That is how hungry people are for liberty and truth. Patriots are everywhere, and we are done messing around.

God Bless you all.

Wade John Taylor

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