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Social Media Contacts

Social Media Contacts

Below you will find a list of where to find me on various social media sites. While I do have one on Facebook and other censor heavy sites. We are winding them down and will not list them here. We have already been censored heavily and been blocked from sending private messages to people sharing factual information about evidence of election fraud. That being said I have signed up for several of the sites that people are switching to. I hope to see you there. Below is the list…


Wade John Taylor

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The August edition is done and digital copies have been sent out to our subscribers. You can still order your subscription at https://store.thepamphlet.net/product-category/subscriptions/ Thank you to all our subscribers and their continued support. You are the reason we can continue

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Chicks On the Right got our package! Thank you Mock and Daisy. You two are awesome! Please enjoy the gifts. And for all of our supporters, please check them out every morning for their podcast and check out their website

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We are 48 visitors away from our 4000th visitor. Time is running short to visit the website and enter for your chance to receive all past and current hard copy issues of The Pamphlet delivered to you for free. All

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