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THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 1 Issue 3 ~ ‘Hope’

THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 1 Issue 3 ~ ‘Hope’

Good tidings fellow patriots,

I hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and that you are all ready for the Christmas season. With that in mind we wanted to bring you a little bit of hope this year. We are keenly aware that the world is in chaos. Remember, the light shines the brightest when the darkness surrounds you. An important thing to remember is that faith with action brings tangible results.

We live in truly challenging times. Our government is being usurped by evil and corrupt individuals who have been playing the long game while many have been busy just trying to make it in life. Things are about ready to get much worse. But learning how to ride a bike requires a few tumbles in order to get your balance. Liberty is no different.

We have to experience tyranny a few times and learn how to destroy it completely or it will keep coming back. This time we are going to make sure that every last one of those responsible will not be capable of raising an eye against us by the time we are through. But it is going to be a long bloody war in order to get there. But that is a few issues down the line. For now we will talk about hope.

Merry Christmas Patriots!

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