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THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 1 Issue 4 ~ ‘Matrix of Liberty’

THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 1 Issue 4 ~ ‘Matrix of Liberty’

In this issue we introduce one of our Nations most important monuments. Most of our readers have never heard of it. The National Monument to The Forefathers is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts was conceived by men who still had the lessons of our founding principals firmly in mind and took over half a century until it was complete. We cover the principals that it teaches known as the Matrix of Liberty. These principals are extremely relevant in the challenging times that we live in today. We also present our largest issue yet. Each article seemed too have too much content to condense further without loosing meaning. We hope you enjoy this explosive issue filled with content that will make any Liberty Lover ready for what comes next. It is also available in our library section for download.

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Background documents on China in Editor section

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