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We live at a time where good is declared as evil and corruption is declared as righteousness. Although the scriptures and those who are wise had warned us that this was coming, nothing could have prepared us for the time that we live in now. I cannot help but feel that two hundred and fifty years of struggle for individual liberty are now being silenced as quickly as possible by the Overseers that control the whole system. Medical tyranny has been used to usurp our natural rights and any voice of dissent is silenced as quickly as the voice calls out from the rooftops.
In Washington, the tyrant Inslee has stated that there are no plans or guidelines for a phase 3 or reopening. In short, I hate to say I told you so, but there will be no going back to what was once normal. It has escalated to the point where my family and I are no longer allowed to go to church because we do not wear facemasks. I was told that if I insist on coming my family would have to attend in a separate room and not socialize with any of the congregation. I believe that when we allow government to install itself between the congregation and the Lord then we have allowed corruption into the institution of religion. So, for the foreseeable future my family and I will have our church services at home.
We have already turned to homeschooling as the institution of education was the first to be stripped of dignity. That has turned out to be a blessing as we do not have to teach the perverse indoctrination of the day and can focus on the core subjects that are essential for the development of the young mind into a healthy capable human being. We are already being forced out of the medical institutions as well. One by one we are becoming isolated in our living a life of liberty. We can get feed for our animals and purchase the things that we cannot produce ourselves on our farm without the muzzle that is required on our faces. Yet the feeling of loneliness is one that is pervasive and is difficult to overcome. My last podcast talked about that a bit and can be found here.
We hear from quite a lot of people who experience the same thing. The society that we had believed in is crumbling before their very eyes. Comply, submit, obey, or die. That is the message that they subliminally chant over and over as they seize power on every level. The web of deceit that they spin has long since surpassed absurdity. Critical thinking and analysis are forbidden while those that parrot the narrative of the oppressors is rewarded. Many police and sheriff departments have become enforcers of oppression instead of guardians of peace, and government officials are mere tools of the corporate plutocracy that really pull the strings.
Time and time again when those that dare to stand up with their voice to declare such things the long arm of oppression is there to silence dissent. The Bill of Rights enshrined in our Constitution is absolutely ignored by most in the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches of federal and state governments. Our Constitution is a hindrance to those who govern us. Soon they will toss it in the wastebasket of history and complete their plan of subjugation and oppression.
What can be done? For me it starts with prayer. I beg for mercy and ask that I be guided for the sake of my family. Without the consent and guidance of he that made me, I am nothing. After that, the plan is simple but filled with hard work. There is no easy road to liberty. That ship has long sailed as we have allowed tyrants to usurp government and they will not give up willingly. Self sufficiency is the most important thing we should all be focused on. Raising animals, planting crops, buying books to educate our family, and securing our future in a self sufficient way. The second part of that is to work together with like minded people to form a network of like minded individuals. When things turn from tyranny to chaos, we are all going to need each other to survive the madness that is almost here. Lastly it is important to be a local activist in government. County Commissioners, City Council, Sheriffs and local officials on all levels must be engaged and they must understand that we the people demand a representative government no matter what happens. Liberty minded small businesses need to be supported on all levels. Their survival very well may mean the survival of the community.
I will continue to put out The Pamphlet, podcasts, and blogs to help motivate people along the way to keep up the good fight. I must say though, that I am tired. Not just tired but exhausted. I have been spending eighteen-hour days trying to keep up with it all and lately I have hit the wall. I have temporarily succumbed to sickness and I need to take a little time to recover. But I cannot take long as we have a new baby coming any day, farm animals that need taking care of, and a new edition of The Pamphlet due out in about twelve days. But for the rest of the day and perhaps tomorrow I need to recover.

I pray for your liberty my friends. Good night for now.

Wade John Taylor

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