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The Pamphlet Vol. 1 Issue 8 ‘On Words’ Patreon release

The Pamphlet Vol. 1 Issue 8 ‘On Words’ Patreon release

True liberty is never comfortable to those that have been indoctrinated to embrace conformity. But conformity is not a natural state. As human beings we strive to explore boundaries and embrace individuality. It is that which is unique, that defines humanity as a totality. The human experience is one where we must be allowed to make mistakes in order to grow. We should not be sheltered from tragedy but instead be encouraged to overcome and think outside the box.
The next issue of The Pamphlet has finally been released on Patreon. After the editions are printed and mailed to our subscribers, we will release it here for the general public.

Thank you for your support and your patronage. Together we can make sure that liberty lasts long after we are gone.

~Wade John Taylor

Donations are always gladly accepted to continue our work.

Below you will find a snapshot of the cover. We are excited for the general release!

Cover of 'On Words'

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