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Letter from President Trump

Letter from President Trump

After our November 2020 issue was released, we felt that we should send a copy of all of our issues to President Trump. We let him know of the support he has from us and that we are trying to do our part to help save our country. We didn’t know if he would even receive the package. We waited for a response for a few months. January 20, 2021 came along and he had to leave the White House. We had pretty much decided at this point that he never received the package and we let go of the hope. Yesterday in the mail we received a discreet letter, addressed to us, with a return address but no return name. We almost threw it away, thinking it was junk mail, trying to get us to by a time share or something. But after opening it, this is what we received! I hope this brings all Patriots out there a little bit of hope. It helps us to keep moving forward. All the hard work does pay off. Sometimes it can take time, and the payoffs can come by small means. But we continue to look for and recognize the blessing that come. The Pamphlet is still moving forward and our support is growing.

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