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Season 3 Episode 5 I Like Chocolate Cake!

Season 3 Episode 5 I Like Chocolate Cake!

Sometimes it is the simple things that can distract us from having a full awareness of what is going on in the room. In this episode I discuss some of the tactics that are being used to obfuscate the truth, or keep us distracted by irrelevant unfounded absurdities. Instead of taking the bait and arguing about what they want to argue about, stick to the point and make sure that they do as well. I close by talking about a few other noteworthy events worth paying attention to in the world. If you have not checked out the latest issue of THE PAMPHLET, you can read it for free here. Thanks again everyone for your support. If you would like to become a subscriber to our exclusive content and receive home delivery of THE PAMPHLET then head over to our pateon site here.

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