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Season 5 Video Pilot – Take a stand for Common Sense

Welcome back to the Wade John Taylor Podcast. Our podcast is transitioning into the Wade John Taylor Liberty Moment with your host Lonny Ray Williams. I will be bringing the efforts of Wade John Taylor the author and editor into synergy with Lonny Ray Williams the political activist and Chairman of the Independent American Party. … Read more

Season 4 Episode 10 Season Finale: Year Wrap Up

In this Season Finale I give an update as to where THE PAMPHLET is at and what you can expect in the year ahead. I also talk about my campaign for State Representative this year and my new direction with the Independent American Party and taking on the role leading the Party efforts in Washington. … Read more

Season 4 Bonus Episode 1: Constitution Day Speech

I was recently out on the campaign trail and gave a speech on Constitution Day at the Okanogan County Patriots Restore Sanity to Washington event. We present it to you here as bonus material for the podcast. Thanks so much for your continued support! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way … Read more

Season 4 Episode 7 Things Left Unsaid.

In this episode I address the canary in the coal mine and give my two cents on the root cause of our woes. I issue an urgent plea on behalf of our children to rise up seek representation or run for it yourself if there is still time to register. The people are the party … Read more

Season 4 Episode 5: Can Joe Biden Break the Freedom Truckers with the Russo Ukrainian War that he created?

Once again Brokeback Brandon’s foreign policy has led to disaster. The West, led by the most woke policies & politicians that money can buy has once caused a war. The Administration’s economic, border, immigration, energy, medical, transportation, infrastructure, and foreign policies are all complete failures. At this point the Biden administration is shaping up to … Read more