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The 5 stages of grief. Unfortunately, we all must go through this one time or another in our lives. No one ever likes to grieve. And no one likes to be put in a position by someone else to grieve. We know that you will go through all stages, and sometimes you may go through them a few times in the same grieving period.
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Unfortunately, for me in my life, in this moment in time, I have hit stage 5.
There are many problems happening in the world around me. Im sure they are happening to you in one way or another.
Shutdowns by your governor. Businesses not allowing certain individuals in to shop for one reason or another. Churches not allowing people in to worship if you are not wearing certain clothes or don’t have the correct needle size hole in your arm. Friends and families that no longer speak to each other due to difference in opinions. Neighbors and fellow citizens yelling at each other and wishing harm or death on each other because others don’t do as they want.
In the last 18 months, as I look back at all that has happened to Me, My family, and my community. All the things that we have tried to do to help. And it seems like it was all for nothing.
Denying that leaders of our community and churches would allow these things to happen locally.
Anger when they go forward with it and enforce the hurt and separation to happen
Bargaining with them to please look further than just the current talk points. See how people are hurting emotionally. How people are feeling alone and unaccepted because of what they are allowing to happen.
Depression when all your words don’t matter to them. You are told “I hear what you are saying, but we are going to do keep doing what we are doing.” “You and your family are not welcome.” “You and your family are not allowed to be around others.” There is only so much someone can take before the sadness kicks in. The loneliness takes over and you are alone.
Acceptance when you knew that they would go back to the same rules that started it all in the first place. You are just waiting for the email to come in that says. Don’t forget the rules. You know that you must accept that you will be hurt over and over. Because at least, if you accept it, then it may not hurt as bad when they do it again.
I want you to know, you are always welcome in the doors to my home. My door may not be your store, but we will help you the best we can. We may not be your chapel, but we can pray together. I may not be your best friends’ home, but we can be that friend you need. I may not be your family, but you can be accepted into my family. When mutual respect and acceptance for all is available in the hearts of all involved, amazing things will happen. No matter the clothes you wear, or the decisions you make for your own life. You will be accepted and welcomed in.
I hope someday, those out there that cannot see the hurt they cause others, will open their eyes and minds, and have the change of heart they need to weather the storm ahead.

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