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It’s Here! And it is early.

It’s Here! And it is early.

Greetings Patriots. The latest issue of The Pamphlet has been released on Patreon. We will also be releasing hard copies to some local distributors and mailing early as well.

Honor was a long time in the making. The bookend to Volume I is a bit different in that it is a summary and a hint at what is to come over the next 12 months.

A scavenger hunt of sorts is coming with Volume II. Prizes and merchandise will accompany that. A few clues will be released here and there. Patreon subscribers will get a few unique clues and a few will be released here as well to help people play along. The more people that play the more prizes that will come…. That should make you think a bit.

The new issue will be released here in the coming days after hard copies have had a chance to be delivered. Thank you so much for those that support this work of liberty.

Wade John Taylor

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