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Come rally with us in Olympia

Come rally with us in Olympia

On the road again. The Pamphlet is going out again. We will be at the “No, you move” rally in Olympia, Washington. on Oct 3. This Sunday. This rally will be held on the North Steps of the Legislative Building at the Capitol from 1-4PM. There will be speakers, music, food, and most importantly the people we are fighting to save. Our state employees. Our firefighters, police, EMS, nurses, doctors, ferry workers, corrections officers – all manner of public servants, whose only sin in this is wanting to make your OWN medical decisions as you serve your communities. Come join The Pamphlet and rally with us. We will be bringing hard copies of the publication to hand out for free plus we would love to meet you, our supporters. You are the reason we keep doing what we are doing. We all are fighting for our freedoms. Much Love from us at The Pamphlet

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