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Pamphlet News Update

Pamphlet News Update

Howdy Patriots!

We are long overdue for an update and here is our Pamphlet News Flash for October 5th 2021.

Volume II launched on the 1st. It happened to be the same day we were packing up for a Rally in Olympia!

Subscriptions were mailed before we left for the rally so I would assume that most people have theirs by now. I will be focusing on some critical pamphlet work today, here is the latest. The October digital issue will be coming on website this evening. Tyranny is coming…

It has been far too long since I gave you an update to all the things that have been going on in The Pamphlet world. I will save the full version for the newsletter for patreon subscribers later in the week, but here is the abbreviated version.

We took a trip through the intermountain west and delivered some pamphlets to some of our supporters. On the trip we made some keen observations of the state of the supply chain and labor market. One of many podcasts set to launch the next season will go into that.

We have been privy to the efforts of patriots to set up options to weather the storm as medical tyranny forces countless families into poverty as hard-working Americans are forced out of work because they stand up for their Natural Right of personal sovereignty over their healthcare decisions and informed consent on any medical care. I hope to put together some information for you on what you can do in your community very soon.
We were asked to a Protest in Winthrop and to speak at the rally the following day in Twisp a few weeks ago. This was an amazing example of something spontaneous springing up in communities that are fed up with a government that is out of control. People who have never had anything to do with politics, grew tired of watching their town be destroyed by the tyranny coming out of Olympia.

We rushed home to put the next issue of The Pamphlet together and work on our local community support project, The Highlander. We also were busy trying to keep up on the homestead and homeschooling obligations in the middle of it all. The end of the month came faster than expected and Volume II Issue 1 was finished just in time. We stayed up all night printing, folding, and stapling and took everything we had loaded up the truck once more.
An amazing patriot who’s life is about to change took time out of his own trials to host a rally for the trials of other people. His countless hours of dedication to the cause of liberty while being persecuted and eviscerated by the government for exercising his constitutional rights, drew in thousands to a rally on the legislative steps of the capitol building. We met countless patriots of all walks of life there and almost handed out our entire stock of current and back issues. We had about a dozen copies left of our Vol. I issue ‘On Words”, and that was it.
We met the Druthers USA Administrative team at the rally and they did give us 500 copies of the latest issue of the USA edition of Druthers. You should see them pop up at a few locations throughout Republic over the next few days.

Patreon has been a challenge for many subscribers and their fees are quite high. Over the past few months many have signed up for our new subscription service and have dropped patreon. We are actively maintaining patreon for the immediate future as we explore alternatives that work for a broader population.

Mail order subscriptions are by far the most secure way to ensure that you receive your monthly edition of The Pamphlet. Our paper prices have recently doubled, and we are having difficulty locating sources for the heavy bond color paper we use for our issues. Similar paper from alternate sources is almost completely dried up and the future is not bright as the supply lines buckle. We will always ensure that our main priority is to those that have a subscription or are supporters on patreon or other methods. We should be able to ensure delivery of those physical copies and we will do our best to ensure that the free ones continue to flow. We aim to continue the digital edition regardless of the physical shortages. Of note we are also having difficulties sourcing normal wear and tear parts used by our copy machine in the production of The Pamphlet. We just wanted you to be aware in case you notice future changes in paper or availability of our issues.

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