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THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 2 Issue 2 ~ ‘Fortitude’

THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 2 Issue 2 ~ ‘Fortitude’

Your wait is now over. Fortitude has arrived. Looking back on our ancestors, we find that they fortified themselves not only on a material level, but on a spiritual and psychological level as well. We don’t find many back then that made excuses for failures. Instead we find a people that were busy placing one stone upon another building up a foundation as they knew their very existence one day would depend upon it.

So it is now with our lives. There are many who do nothing but complain about how the system does not take care of them. These will soon be the silent voices when the long winter hits. In this issue we visit the humble beginnings of our Thanksgiving festivals as well as the tenuous start of the American Revolution. The central aspect that we focus on in this issue is the enduring fortitude of those who built up our civilization.

Please enjoy this dose of common sense responsibly.

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