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THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 2 Issue 3 ~ ‘Charity’

THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 2 Issue 3 ~ ‘Charity’

It is that time of the month again patriots! The latest issue of THE PAMPHLET is now available to the general public in the library. In this issue we set out to discover how the men and women celebrated Christmas during the American Revolutionary War. What we discovered was that the answer to that question was just as diverse as it is today. Some celebrated it, some did not. The traditions were wildly different and how people took care of one another was vastly different as well. But despite the striking differences between Christmas then and now, there was a deep desire to take care of those who could not help themselves. We hope that it inspires you to look at our Christmas now and then and reflect on those things that matter most to us all. May this year offer us all the freedom for which we year.

Oh I almost forgot. Inside this issue is a gift guide for giving self sufficiency. And we have also included a recipe for George Washington’s favorite Christmas meal! Last but most importantly, thank you so much for your support. Everything we do, we do for you. And yet we absolutely could not do this without your donations, subscriptions, and spreading the word. Thank you!

Wade John Taylor

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