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Chicks On The Right

Chicks On The Right
Chicks On The Right

Chicks On the Right got our package! Thank you Mock and Daisy. You two are awesome! Please enjoy the gifts. And for all of our supporters, please check them out every morning for their podcast and check out their website https://www.chicksonright.com/ Here is the video

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Updated Sale!

We decided that if you want to give the gift of THE PAMPHLET, then we might as well make it easy. We have drastically reduced the price for a complete high quality reprint of every monthly pamphlet we have ever

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March is almost here

March’s edition is almost done! We are only a few days away. Because of copier supply problems we have had to cut down how many free copies we give out. You can always read the digital edition on the website

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Happy New Year Patriots!

   I know that we are all sitting around wondering what will happen after Y2K. Will the lights go out? Will the computers all crash? Will airplanes crash into each other? Well at least the residents of New York have

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