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February is almost here

February is almost here
February is almost here

The February issue is in the making. Join as a Pamphlet Patreon to receive your copy first, monthly newsletters, and other surprises. Patreon subscribers are the bread and butter of the Pamphlet. They help all of you to be able to receive this publication for free. Thank you all for all your support. You can also subscribe to a year subscription through the online order form or purchase back issues and merchandise. Also please note, due to ink and paper shortages we will be cutting down on the amount of free physical copies we are giving out. If you want to guarantee you receive a monthly copy, subscribe. We have been trying to stock up on supplies so we can guarantee that subscribers receive their years worth of The Pamphlet. Thank you Patriots for helping the fight for freedom.

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Get your copy

All issues have been mailed out, and distributed to the stores in the county. Just in case you have been waiting! Enjoy Restraint! We will get the electronic version on the website shortly.

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Social Media Contacts

Below you will find a list of where to find me on various social media sites. While I do have one on Facebook and other censor heavy sites. We are winding them down and will not list them here. We

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Another Glorious Day

The sun went down today rather peacefully. I imagine tomorrow it will come up with the same ease and another day will be born. Tens of millions of Americans will hustle from place to place while an equal amount will

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