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For The Children

For The Children
For The Children

Wade and I were in bed talking last night. Staring at our 11 mo old, worrying about the world and the people in it. Wade commented to our baby “I hope you never have to understand what we are going through for you”. People, we are fighting the biggest battle in the history of the world. The leaders are good and evil. Jesus and Satan. Our innocent children are the ones caught in the middle. As a nation we have allowed our rights, given to us by God, to be taken away from us. We have allowed evil men of the world to enslave us, and we blindly follow them, believing that they know what is best for us. And then we repeat what they say to the rest of us causing division among ourselves, for what reason other than, they tell us too? We are now terrible people if we believe differently than someone else. You are considered racist and uncaring. You are now a lower class of human if you dont “go along”. You are being kept from basic human needs. You are not allowed to work. You are not allowed to take care of beautiful babies that have nothing to do with the evil going on around them. We are told that we are not welcome in the circles we thought we were a part of. Obviously the “Great Sifting” has begun. I hope, that we are all on the right side of the fight. I hope, that everyone I love joins in the battle. I hope for all the children, “They never have to understand what the freedom fighters are going through for you”. But The Pamphlet will keep the records just in case you need the info in the future. Just as our founding fathers, we must keep history for the future generations.

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