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Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your patience
Thank you for your patience

Thank you everyone for your patience this month. Its been almost 2 weeks since the whole Taylor household got sick. Elizabeth ended up in the hospital, our youngest, 11 month old was having seizures and the rest of the family was sick in bed for a week. We are pushing through, but it has really pumped the breaks on the February issue. We are hoping to finish it up today, and get it to our Patreon subscribers. None of you have been forgotten. You are the reason we do this. We will keep you all posted.

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Happy New Year Patriots!

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Chicks On The Right

Chicks On the Right got our package! Thank you Mock and Daisy. You two are awesome! Please enjoy the gifts. And for all of our supporters, please check them out every morning for their podcast and check out their website

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Another Glorious Day

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