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Season 4 Episode 7 Things Left Unsaid.

Season 4 Episode 7 Things Left Unsaid.

In this episode I address the canary in the coal mine and give my two cents on the root cause of our woes. I issue an urgent plea on behalf of our children to rise up seek representation or run for it yourself if there is still time to register. The people are the party not the other way around. For too long has leadership on all sides abandoned the children and their parents to radical ideology. Now is the time to ensure that Parents are the Primary Stakeholders in their Children’s upbringing, not government, and certainly not x rated propaganda institutions disguised as schools that fail to educate our children on basic fundamentals of math, English, and the type of science that questions why the apple fell and not the type of science that attempts to look at what gender the apple identifies as or if the apple is racist against other colored apples.

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