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our Commitment to you

our Commitment to you
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Many of you know by now that our Editor and lead author who writes under the pen name Wade John Taylor, has filed his candidacy for Representative in the Washington State 7th Legislative District. Lonny Ray Williams, is committed to ensuring that Wade John Taylor, THE PAMPHLET, friends, and our all important supporters continue to receive unbiased, honest history that tells the struggle of liberty that our ancestors undertook. The Editor of our fine publication will be stretched for a while and our extended friends and family will be aiding in some of the writing and editing during the campaign season. Wade & I have always welcomed those who want to try their hand at writing history and look forward to hearing from you. We especially love to hear from those of you in Middle School, High School, and College who are on the discovery of our history. Submissions from minors will require parental permission before we publish it and we ask all of our writers to use Pen names.

Wade has asked that from this point on we continue to refer to him here at The Pamphlet, using his pen name. Like Thomas Paine, Wade does not want politics to diminish the important work of educating the people about their history of liberty and their responsibilities to stand up for it. For many of those who contacted Wade and encouraged him to take the stand that he has written so passionately about, there is no doubt now that he has heard you.

With that out of the way we figured that we would take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped us take this small hometown publication around the world. We still do this all on our own time and without any compensation except the smiles on your faces. We usually bring in a couple of hundred dollars a month in donations, reprints, and subscriptions and that covers a fair share of our printing and postage expenses. We don’t mind doing what we do as we have seen the positive affect on our community and other people around the world.

If you would like to help us out by volunteering to write for us, act as a distribution point, subscribe, or simply donate to us then please get in touch with us through our website. We welcome all liberty lovers, patriots, and those who respect our Constitution and our history. Our mission is to show that the lessons learned by our ancestors and Founding Fathers contain the secret to living a life of happiness and liberty, especially during times where government is dabbling in tyranny.

Leslie Williams ( Elizabeth Jane)


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