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‘Balance’ in life. August is here

‘Balance’ in life. August is here

Life was always busy for the colonists in America, the outbreak of war against the government meant that more was added to everyone’s task list. How did the people cope with the sudden onset of the Revolution and how did they maintain balance between priorities? In this issue of THE PAMPHLET, we take a deep look into how our ancestors did it.

The August edition ‘Balance’ has gone out to our Patreon and our website subscribers.

In the coming days the printing will begin, and Pamphlets will be in the mail for our mailing subscribers and the free edition will be out online and in our distribution points.

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October edition is ready

Digital editions are out to subscribers! Physical copies are being printed and will be mailed on Friday Oct 6th. Thank you all for your support. Elizabeth Jane

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Mandates begin again

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