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Noel Your December edition is finished.

Noel Your December edition is finished.
liam shaw 9doyvvu r7k unsplash

The December digital edition is done and out to our monthly subscribers. The physical copies will be mailed in a few days after we return home from our Thanksgiving holiday, along with the public digital edition. Thank you to all our supporters, and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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The Great Sifting

The votes have been cast. To the corruption that has dominated the narrative for so long, it does not matter who the real victors were. Yet there is a great sifting that has started that will cause the withering of

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The Stand

Slowly, one by one, people in America decided that they had enough. The corruption and oppression of government had morphed into uniformed armed thugs coming after the common man. When the government-sanctioned army went after the means to defend themselves,

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