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Season 5 Video Pilot – Take a stand for Common Sense

Season 5 Video Pilot – Take a stand for Common Sense

Welcome back to the Wade John Taylor Podcast. Our podcast is transitioning into the Wade John Taylor Liberty Moment with your host Lonny Ray Williams. I will be bringing the efforts of Wade John Taylor the author and editor into synergy with Lonny Ray Williams the political activist and Chairman of the Independent American Party. Thank you everyone who has been with us from the very first issue of THE PAMPHLET, the first protests, the first years of protesting, podcasting, and on through the campaign and now Chairman of the Independent American Party. It took me a while but I finally managed to add video to the podcast. This is my Pilot Episode of Season 5 where I test out the waters and try to do it on video. This is a bit more scripted than normal, but I am still learning all the controls for video. I am still a one man show behind the camera and microphone. Thank you everyone for all of your support along the way. Don't ever let anyone tell you that your efforts to save this country amount to nothing. You start changing the world for the better the moment you decide to act and stand up against tyranny, and not a moment sooner.

God Bless all who stand for liberty and freedom.

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