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THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 3 Issue 9 ~ ‘Respect’

THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 3 Issue 9 ~ ‘Respect’

One of the critical aspects of our nation’s infancy was the mutual
respect that people had for each other. Even when they disagreed and
were at war with each other they had a semblance of respect. Common
courtesy and basic rules of civility were a way of life. Glimmers of respect
for the dead who gave all are all that is left of a civilization that once
treated each other with dignity. In this issue, we take a deeper look at

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2 thoughts on “THE PAMPHLET ~ Volume 3 Issue 9 ~ ‘Respect’”

  1. Hi my name is Lori Neiley. We were at the booth across from you in Kettle Falls Country Days June 2nd and third of 2023. I was amazed at what you are doing. I love history. So glad I stopped by.
    I just shared this on my Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry SKMM Facebook pages also my personal Facebook. I’m not a fan of Facebook but this is a cause l support. Here is what I shared below;
    This is a very good read. Very interesting. This man and his wife had a booth across from us in Kettle Falls. He writes about the government and how it was started. How God played a important part in our success. He is a Veteran.
    He has many Pamphlets. You can buy past issues or a Annual subscription. I prayed with them at their booth. They need to make a particular goal of subscriptions or give up what God has led him to share in this manner. Printed by Highlands of Freedom P.O. Box 351 Republic, Washington 99166 PHONE (833)528-5558. Thank you for reading. May God bless you and all that you do. In Jesus name Amen!

    • Thank you so much Lori! Thank you for your support and your prayers. Thank you for sharing. I just want to clear up something. Just incase something may come of it. Our address.

      The Pamphlet
      PO Box 351
      Republic WA 99166

      Just incase, I dont want any mail returned for the wrong name on the envelope or not able to cash any donations by check due to the wrong name on the check.

      thank you so much for all you do. You are a true Patriot of Christ.

      Leslie Williams

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