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The Podcast

The Podcast

Thank you for visiting our podcast page. The Wade John Taylor Patriot Report is something entirely new for me. I hope to improve over time and deliver content that you find worth listening to. If you would like to let me know what you would like to hear please contact me.

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Season 4 Episode 7 Things Left Unsaid.

In this episode I address the canary in the coal mine and give my two cents on the root cause of our woes. I issue an urgent plea on behalf of our children to rise up seek representation or run for it yourself if there is still time to register. The people are the party not the other way around. For too long has leadership on all sides abandoned the children and their parents to radical ideology. Now is the time to ensure that Parents are the Primary Stakeholders in their Children’s upbringing, not government, and certainly not x rated

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Previous Episodes

Episode 7: Rumors and Fact. What should you do?

In this episode I cover the rampant rumors and attempt to sort our fact from fiction. I also cover some options going forward. As always I encourage you to come up with a plan, become more self reliant, and be prepared for what is next. You can find out more

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Episode 6: The Patriot Movement and the path forward.

In this podcast I discus what recent events mean for the Patriot Movement and I layout a path of hope and perseverance going forward. Thank you so very much for your support! God Bless America. Wade John Taylor — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to

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The Library

The Library

Here you will find Digital Editions of our published editions. As there are subscribers & supporters that have early access, our current edition will be posted after a slight delay, usually after hard copies of THE PAMPHLET have been mailed out.

We will also have a section in our library devoted to historic texts where available that will help readers understand the full context of our editions. That will be coming after I can devote some time on how to build a website. Newsletters, special events, exclusive content, merchandise, and other things are available to Patreon Subscribers, and our supporters through other avenues.

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