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The Podcast

Thank you for visiting our podcast page. The Wade John Taylor Patriot Report is something entirely new for me. I hope to improve over time and deliver content that you find worth listening to. If you would like to let me know what you would like to hear please contact me.

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Season 3 Episode 13: The Doctrine of Liberty

In this episode I talk about the Doctrine of Liberty and how to apply it to our lives. I will also be discussing the importance of quite time for reflection, medication, and or prayer. And finally I conclude with an invitation to be the best version of you that you

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Season 3 Episode 10 Inverview with Mark Beyer

In this episode I conduct my first one on one interview with writer Mark Beyer. We discussed how he discovered The Pamphlet and how he became a monthly columnist. We talk about some of the gems of history that he has discovered along the way and where he sees us

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Season 3 Episode 8: It is time to rise to the occasion.

You were born for this unique moment in history! Now is the time to understand personal liberty and responsibility in the ways that our Founding Fathers did. Know what your part is in liberty. Know what you need to do to preserve your right to self determination. Do not drink

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Season 3 Episode 7: What is The Pamphlet?

In this episode I discuss what we are attempting to accomplish here at The Pamphlet and how we believe that the secret to solving today’s problems is to look to the solutions that have proven successful during other times during human history. We happen to believe that one of humanities

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