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I am working like crazy trying to pull together our next issue. The Pamphlet “Hope” will be printing on December 1st. I know you are as excited to read it as I am to put it out. Countless hours have gone into this issue. I sincerely believe that it will be a breath of fresh air to many in these trying times. There is still some free advertising space available for those businesses that are impacted by Illegal shutdown mandates. Email me Editor@Thepamphlet.Net

God Bless

Wade John Taylor

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Dear Patriots, This has been a whirlwind ride to where we are at. Last summer we were tired of somebody not doing something to save our country. The politicians were feckless, the judges were corrupt, and socialism was becoming rampant

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The Medical Rape of our Children Must Stop!

DISCLAIMER. This is not my normal style of writing. To be honest I am furious at the level of narcissism and contempt for the populace that government belches out now days. With that out of the way here is the

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