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Open Letter to all Patriots

Open Letter to all Patriots

My Dear Patriots,

Today the common man, watching traditional news sources in print and on television, would be hard pressed to find any evidence of voter fraud. Instead they are presented with a narrative that President Trump was soundly defeated and his efforts to shed light on any irregularities in the voting process are an attempt to overthrow the will of the people. Any of these same individuals who are on popular social media sights like Twitter & Facebook would not have any indication of the true extend of voter fraud as all voices attempting to speak the truth of the situation are silenced by these legacy social media companies.

But something interesting happens when one finally ditches those companies for a variety of upstarts dedicated to allowing uncensored truth to be presented. This truth often comes from dedicated patriots that have spent countless hours researching factual verified information. As a person first comes out of the dark, they are exposed to the millions of their fellow countrymen who already know the truth, and they are overwhelmed with their numbers. Their first thoughts are feelings of validation, they knew the feeling they had deep inside their souls was correct all along. Not only was something wrong with the information that they had been consuming, but they also realized that they had been fed a coordinated steam of lies.

For decades, the legacy media has stated loudly and in one voice that any voices of dissent are “conspiracy theories” propagated by “radical right-wing racists”. But when someone comes out of the legacy media closet, they recognize that the voices of dissent are coming from common everyday Americans who have had enough of the coup, and there are many of us, are flocking to bastions of free speech and liberty. Social Media Companies like Parler, Gab, MeWe, PolitiChatter, and even MyLibertyPage, have experienced unprecedented growth overwhelming their servers with new users. News companies that report the truth like Newsmax, Oann, The Blaze, Breitbart, and others are having so much traffic on their websites that they are also having problems adjusting to the new wave of truth seekers.

We know the truth. We will fight censorship to the bitter end. We will fight the lies and misinformation until our last breath. We will do this all with every legal and peaceful remedy available to us. Should that fail we are prepared to take up the sword against tyranny just as our ancestors did in 1776. Like our forefathers we will fight against all odds and we will ultimately prevail. We understand that the socialist opposition seeks to enslave all those who stand for liberty and personal sovereignty. It is about more than us, it is about our children and their children’s future that we fight for. We will never give up and we will never surrender.

Thank you for your continued support of The Pamphlet. We are fighting this fight with you.

Wade John Taylor

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