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The Pamphlet – Hope –

The Pamphlet – Hope –

Our new issue is out and available to our patreon subscribers! Vol 1 Issue 3 of The Pamphlet ‘Hope’ is now available for download on patreon. Thank you everyone who has made this possible. Over the next few days our circulation will happen throughout the county. As always we mail out hard copies to our patreon supporters first. We will also open a new section of our website for free advertising for businesses that have been impacted by unconstitutional mandates that are forcing many people into bankruptcy.

Thanks again patriots!

Wade John Taylor

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It’s Pamphlet Day!

That’s right, our December Digital Edition of The Pamphlet dropped late yesterday on Patreon for those fantastic patriots that support us that way.  Today our printer is whirling away and later we will be assembling, folding, and stapling the issues.  

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Upcoming Events

New Podcast being uploaded as we speak. Newsletter to drop on Patreon Tomorrow and Digital Edition of The Pamphlet comes out at 12:01 A.M. for subscribers on Patron. Thank you for your support! Wade John Taylor

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For The Children

Wade and I were in bed talking last night. Staring at our 11 mo old, worrying about the world and the people in it. Wade commented to our baby “I hope you never have to understand what we are going

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