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S2 Episode 16: I am Done! This is my notice of Divorce to half the country.

S2 Episode 16: I am Done! This is my notice of Divorce to half the country.

There is point in a persons life when enough is enough. The abuse cannot be taken any more and irreconcilable differences exist between a person or group of people. I have finally hit that point after doing all that I can to offer up the other cheek when one was struck. Those that want to take away the rights of others so that they can feel better about themselves and attempt to rationalize away their own guilt are no longer a group of people that I will negotiate with. I will not negotiate with leftist terrorists. I will not support them and I will do all that is in my power until my dying breath to defeat them. I have officially gave up hope of reconciliation with those who have turned against liberty and personal responsibility. What comes next is the slide of civility into chaos. I will be looking forward to the moment when civilization crumbles and people rise up based on the bad policies of corrupt wicked government from all sides of the political spectrum. I will weep over the loss of so many souls but will be full of joy for those who finally decide to stand up for what is right. See you on the other side.

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