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Memorial Day Tribute to my Brothers and Sisters in Arms.

Memorial Day Tribute to my Brothers and Sisters in Arms.

It is Memorial Day, 2121

Today is not about me nor any of the 17.4 million veterans living right now. Today is about those brave men and women who gave up their dreams of a lifetime so that we can all enjoy our Unalienable rights. While we know that those rights are under siege by radicals who promise limited rights to those who comply and prison to those who refuse to bend a knee. It is still more appropriate, now more than ever to turn our hearts and minds to the fallen fighters of liberty.

As a young infantry soldier in the 1st/3rd Infantry Battalion I had occasion to run through the Boneyard as we called it, of the Arlington National Cemetery. Often it was early morning when the mist was still clinging to the hills and tombstones. While some did, our platoon sang no cadence in the Boneyard, as we ran in formation. We ran a silent cadence where whomever was calling it out simply counted to four in rhythm about every fifty strides or so to keep the unit in step. All of us felt the spirit of the dead soldiers intermingling with the mist as we continued our occasional sacred run. Row upon row of tombstones belonging to around 400,000 dead seemed to encourage us with each stride and beat of the heart. Every single one of those headstones reflected someone who was willing to give up everything for liberty and freedom of you and I. After a few years I moved on to a new unit, which is the norm in military life; I will always look back fondly at those formative military years where I experienced first hand the full breath of the level of sacrifice for liberty.

I am fortunate to have those experiences in my life. I had an opportunity to feel the collective spirit of sacrifice that has built up and preserved our vessel of liberty. It has endured many attempts of subjugation throughout the nearly two hundred and forty-five years of our formal existence. I am thankful to have made it through my time of service. Those years were some of the best and worst years of my life. I am infinitely more thankful for those that gave their lives for me.

I fear our struggle to keep our liberty is not going well. While many are waking up to the assault on our liberties by those who call themselves woke, the government-corporate marriage of power is stripping away liberties by the hour. Far too many people are stricken with cowardice. Far too many refuse to look at factual evidence and cannot bring themselves to see the truth about the tyranny that is happening before our very eyes. But I have witnessed that people are willing to die for freedom. And I also believe that through faith in our Providence and inspiration of our Forefathers, we shall overcome. We have faced this evil before, and we will defeat it again. I will certainly not give up the fight. On my life and honor,

To those who have given all. I am proud to have served with so many great warriors of freedom. I will never forget the times we bled, sweat, and even occasionally cried together. May the Lord Bless you and keep you at peace in his rest for your eternal sacrifice. I will keep fighting for everything that we stood for. I pray that we may we prevail in our eternal struggle to restore and preserve our personal sovereignty and to extend that to all who wish to live in a state of liberty and personal responsibility. Rest in Peace my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Arms, your struggle is over.

Wade John Taylor

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