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Say No to Medical Segregation!

Say No to Medical Segregation!

The hospital board stated yesterday in their meeting that they are “100% pro vaccine”. They do not wish to engage the public in any further discussions about vaccines. Never mind the fact that more than half of the population of our county does not want the vaccine. Does this sound like representative government?
The language and communication to the public clearly set the president that they don’t care what the public has to say about it. This is a shocking change from the month before when they stated they want to work with the public. This is not a representative form of government, and this is exactly why we have a problem in our health care system in this county.

One of the key problems that I have identified is that the Hospital District seems to have lost the observation that they are the servants of all constituents. They are to work with their constituents even when they don’t agree with them. Their job is to engage and accommodate all citizens instead of embracing Medical Segregation of our communities. An opportunity was presented to them to engage the public and they refused.
But don’t take my word for it. Request the audio file of the meeting and hear for yourself the unwillingness of your elected officials to work with the public. How can a board be 100% vaccine and represent a population that is not even 50% for it? Call them at 775-3333. Aaron Edwards is the CEO ext. 233 and Nina Novikoff ext. 365, is the Public Records Officer and tell them you would like to make a public records request of the meeting yesterday. For that matter ask them yourself why they are 100% vaccine in a population that is not.

While you are at it start going to these meetings and letting them know that you have had enough of leaders that embrace actions that run contrary to our founding ideas of personal choice and informed consent. Something Doctors and Nurses scream about but are silenced by their tyrannical overseers. We can call them that now. It is OK to speak the truth. What are they going to do make you submit to medical rape and forcible injections? Only if people don’t get off their rear ends and start protesting the things they disagree with.

If you are looking for what they are required to give you when you request it. Here it is:

Have a patriotic day!


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