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January is almost here

January is almost here

It’s almost a new year. Im praying, just as much as you are im sure, that this craziness in the world is almost over. But while we wait The Pamphlet keeps moving forward.

We all reflect back this time of year, and The Pamphlet is no exception, January is in the making and almost ready for distribution.

As always our Patreon subscribers will receive their copy first. You can also be one of the first ones to receive your hard copy, mailed to you directly by subscribing. You may join us at Patreon.com/the_pamphlet or subscribing directly through the order form on our website https://thepamphlet.net/…/order-your-merchandise…/

Thank you all for your support and love. All the 18 hour days would be for nothing if not for you. On Monday, enjoy the next issue of The Pamphlet.

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It’s Pamphlet week

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