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THE PAMPHLET Volume 2 Issue 2 ‘Fortutude’ Patreon release and County Distribution.

THE PAMPHLET Volume 2 Issue 2 ‘Fortutude’ Patreon release and County Distribution.

Howdy Patriots!
It is that time of month again. Our latest issue ‘Fortitude’ came out a couple of days ago for our Patreon subscribers. And we are printing, folding, and stapling as we speak. Those who have hard copies in subscription or otherwise are also being assembled and should be out in the mail over the next couple days depending on the order. Hard copies will also start showing up around town as soon as we can get ahead of the mailing list on our printer.
This month we review some source material about our first harvest festival that would evolve into Thanksgiving. We also talk about another thanksgiving festival after the Battle of Saratoga. We continue our focus on how the critical efforts of individuals played a role in the American Revolution. We do a deeper look into Dr. Joseph Warren and his key contributions to the early months of the War for Independence.
After our Patreon supporters’ orders go out in the mail we release the Digital Edition on our website for everyone. That should be anytime within the next seventy-two hours.
As always thank you so very much for your patience and support! We are excited about this issue; we hope it inspires you as much as it did us to put it together.

God Bless those who stand for Liberty and Freedom

Wade John Taylor

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