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Approaching our 1000th site visit!

Approaching our 1000th site visit!

We are fast approaching out 1000th site visit. We will know the City, State, and Country of our lucky visitor. We will also know the date and time. We will announce the City here in the blog post. If you are that lucky person you will receive a physical signed copy of each issue that we have produced. I will provide you with instructions on how to redeem when we announce the winner.

Thanks for your support Patriots!

Wade John Taylor

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We will be coming your way

Montana, Idaho, and Utah The Pamphlet will be in your area next week. August 30-September 8. If you would like to meet us, contact elizabethjtaylor@thepamphlet.net or call us (833) 528-5558. We will try to set up a time to meet

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Restraint is out tonight

The next issue of “The Pamphlet” Restraint, is coming out tonight. If you are one of our Patreon Patriot subscribers, you will receive it tonight at midnight. You still have time to subscribe to receive your issue before the rest

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