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Merry Christmas from The Pamphlet

Merry Christmas from The Pamphlet

We have had quite a year. Broke back Brandon has been playing in the theaters for almost a year and nobody can tell what this movie is all about, but we can all agree that the director is out to lunch. But it is eggnog and mistletoe season, so perhaps we can put all that behind us for a bit. We made it through the year and that has been an accomplishment.

Let’s review a few of our greatest hits as we look forward to another year ahead!
This year we had an Independence Day BBQ for our supporters at the K Diamond K Dude Ranch. It was so fantastic to meet so many of you. If the world holds together perhaps, we will do it again. If not and if you are in my tribe, we will have our own pig roast.

No matter the cost we will never stop standing for independence, freedom, and the American way of our Founding Fathers. Now let’s take a look at how your donations and subscriptions contributed to the cause.
We have rallied from the Methow Valley to the steps of the State Capitol this year and pamphlets have been distributed far and wide. We released 1,805 minutes of content across 46 episodes in our podcasts. We have had 12 Full Publications, 1 Special Edition, and countless reprints of old issues distributed across the country in hard copy and throughout Digital Editions. Visitors from all fifty States and forty-nine countries have viewed our content online and tens of thousands have viewed our hard copies or columns in syndication across the United States and Canada.

When you have ran into my wife and I and cried because you finally found someone that you can relate to, it kept us going. When we were on the road for two months and we met you at your first rally, that kept us going. At our BBQ when we met and we discovered that the true diversity in America was sitting at the table of liberty with us, we felt motivated to keep on going. And now as supplies go through the roof and we receive the donations from the boxes and the orders for subscriptions and reprints for holiday gifts, that gave us the support to keep on going.

My special prayer for each and every one who has supported us along the way is that you are blessed ten-fold for all of the support that you have given us along the way. May we all shine in the light of the Lord and serve our master, Jesus Christ in whatever capacity he calls you to do. May we all have joy, even in our tribulations as we celebrate one more day closer to the return of the one true King. See you all next year in another edition of THE PAMPHLET.

Wade and Elizabeth Taylor
The Pamphlet

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