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March is almost here

March is almost here
March is almost out

March’s edition is almost done! We are only a few days away. Because of copier supply problems we have had to cut down how many free copies we give out. You can always read the digital edition on the website for free. If you are wanting physical hard copies mailed to you please subscribe on Patreon.com/the_pamphlet or find our order form on https://thepamphlet.net and subscribe for a year.

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4000 visitor Give away

We are 48 visitors away from our 4000th visitor. Time is running short to visit the website and enter for your chance to receive all past and current hard copy issues of The Pamphlet delivered to you for free. All

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New distribution site

We would like to make an exciting announcement. After 2 year we are moving our main distribution location to Pine Grove Junction. We are excited about this partnership. They have found a place for our main donation spot, and this

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Happy New Year Patriots!

   I know that we are all sitting around wondering what will happen after Y2K. Will the lights go out? Will the computers all crash? Will airplanes crash into each other? Well at least the residents of New York have

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