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Yearly Podcast Summary

Yearly Podcast Summary

Good Evening Patriots!

I received a pretty cool podcast summary that I would like to share with you all. Thanks for making it all happen! We do this for you!

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Reflections on a Responsible Path Forward

It seems to me that politicians from the dominant parties have had the run of things for a long time. Somehow the leaders of both dominant factions have led us to the point where civil war is expected by many

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Druthers has arrived!

We received this months issue of Druthers newspaper today. Druthers and The Pamphlet have decided to work together and they chose to publish one of our articles! Druthers is a monthly newspaper that began in Canada and they have expanded

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Technical Difficulties

We have had a series of wind events over the past few weeks and internet and power has been sporadic. Our new challenge is that our lines are down laying on trees. Crews are out working on it. We apologize

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